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Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday!

Hi folks! I hope you all had a great weekend! Did you get your Xmas shopping all done? Go to all the big sales on Black Friday?
Well I haven't been anywhere. Been too busy here at home.

Last few days have not been good with my fibromyalgia, so I haven't posted much. But I'll skip that and go on to a happier topic!
I did get some more jewelry done. Did a couple of xmas rings, some fashion rings, earrings and a necklace and bracelet.
The weekend was fairly busy with sales for me, so I was excited about that. Sold items in all 3 stores. I'm still packaging up things to go out.

I didn't have time to get my Christmas tree up by Thanksgiving(which has become a tradition for me). I have an enormous 9 foot tree that takes forever to put up. It has like 120 branches and they all have to be inserted separately! Unfortunately it's not like the newer ones that are only in a couple of pieces with the branches being hinged. So I have an additional smaller tree (6 foot) that IS made in the newer design, so I decided I'm going to put that one up this year since it's so much less time consuming.
I wanted to spruce it up a bit, so I took it outside and spray painted it silver! Not sold silver, but enough to make it glisten and appear like there is tinsel on it. My ornaments are predominantly white, clear and silver so it should look great with those and my clear lights.

What about you? Have you decorated yet for the holidays? If you have, I would love to see your decorations. Please post a pic for me on here, I would love to share every one's creativity!

Well it's time for me to replenish my ice pack with a new one, so it's time to go and lay down for a bit.

Have a great night
Until the next time,

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I hope you are all having a great holiday so far! I'm just checking my emails and such and then it's on to the cooking. I finished my cut out cookies, I'm posting a picture. Turkeys, chickens, squirrels, leaves, and some small circle ones.(they look like fried eggs)!

It's just going to be Mac and I here, no family here unfortunately. But I think about them all the time, and I will be calling them to wish them a nice holiday.
Please drive safely (don't drink too much) or at least don't drive when you do!

Back to my cooking,
Talk to you soon,

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Is Almost Here!

Well how is everyone today? Are you all getting ready for tomorrow, baking, cleaning, cooking and all that fun stuff! I spent the morning finishing up a Christmas tree that I listed on Ebay, very cute with little snowmen that light up! I will attach a pic to the page when I am done here.

I tried to do some work in the garage this morning since I was up so early, but even with a coat and gloves, I was FREEZING! So I only stayed out there a short time, came in and waited until it warmed up before going out again. Now it's 60 degrees out there so I guess I could handle that(if I have to LOL)!

I just mixed up the dough for my Thanksgiving cookies. Now it has to chill for like 3hours. My usual sugar cookie cut outs, only this time they'll be turkeys, chickens, fall leaves and squirrels(thanks to my very cool Vintage cookie cutters).
This will be the first time I've done these at Thanksgiving. Mac and the neighbors will be happy!!

This will also be the first time in a long time that I'm not having turkey tomorrow. But I definitely want my stuffing and gravy, so I'm making stuffed pork chops, gravy, yams and asparagus. Sounds good doesn't it? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Then of course we'll have cookies for dessert. Wanted to make a pumpkin pie, but I don't think I'll have time to go get any pumpkin.

Before I sign off today I also want to let you know a couple of things. Firstly:
I'm having a Thanksgiving Day Weekend Sale in my Christmas Shoppe! 15% off your ENTIRE purchase(details in my shop announcement) Here's the link:

Please come and check it out. If you like looking at Xmas items, I have also listed some in my Ebay store at:

Okay for my second announcement:
HAVE YOU SEEN MY NEW BANNER??? In my Etsy shop? My good friend Neso from Belgium, commissioned a gal from France to do it for me. It is extremely AWESOME! I just love it! Neso was so kind and patient trying to do all the translating until the masterpiece was finished.

This artist goes by the name "Mysthril" and her blog is here:

Now remember that she is in France, so her blog WILL be in French. But it's very easy to use the translating tools on our computers. I must say it does a pretty good job. If you are interested in speaking with her about commissioning some artwork, and are having trouble navigating the French blog, just let me know and I will try to get you someone to interpret for you. Neso has even agreed to do that if need be.

So "Mysthril" I just want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! It's wonderful and exactly what I wanted.

Well kids, it's time to get back to work.
I will talk with you tomorrow!
Until then,

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Night-End of A Long Week!

How is everyone doing tonight? Did you guys have a nice relaxing weekend? It wasn't too bad here, and even though we had "SNOW" it warmed up some and the snow is almost gone! Wouldn't it be nice if it never came back? Man that would be great!
Used to live in the frozen tundra of Minnesota, and now I'm so used to the nice dry hot summers that when we do get winter here, I can hardly deal with it.

So I'm just coming out of my pain cluster with the fibromyalgia. Lasted several days this time. I knew something was coming with the weather, but I didn't know it was going to be snow AND rain!!

Well I'm feeling much better now, and was actually able to get some things listed. I got 3 things on Ebay and 1 on Etsy. I will post some things tomorrow for you to see.
I'm rather tired so I think I'm going to turn in early.
Take care my friends and have a great night!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Well I'm just checking in for a minute, having quite a bit of pain in my neck and shoulders, the fibromyalgia. Usually gets bad when there's a storm coming, rain, snow etc. my body just can't handle the humidity!
Well I'll be better soon and I'll be back with more "goodies" that I've created!

Have a great night all, and I'll see you when things get better.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Busy Tuesday!

Hey kids how is everyone tonight? I think I mentioned previously that Mac has started a 2nd job, and I'm helping out by doing all his paperwork. Well what that means is that I won't be online as much as I was before.
So I'm not ignoring my blog, just don't have the time to post each and every day. But I promise to do so at least a couple times a week!

I did get a couple of rings listed on Etsy today, and worked on a Christmas arrangement. But other than that, I haven't been online much at all.

Mac is still pigging out on oatmeal raisin cookies!(He's such a little kid that way). Pretty soon it will be time to start the Holiday baking. Lots of work, but well worth it in the end. The house smells good, they taste good, and it's my small way of telling people how much I appreciate them as family, friends and neighbors. I just love hearing how they all fight over my baked goods! It really makes it all worthwhile to know everyone enjoys them.

I still never received any suggestions from you about any themed trees? But I did make a couple myself. I have the picture on this page of the gingerbread and candy tree! I will be making some others real soon.

Well it's almost midnight, so I better get some more work done.
Have a great morning everyone!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

No Rest On Sunday!

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was pretty busy with lots of things around the house. Haven't been online much, at least not 12-15 hrs a day as I usually do! LOL!
I completed 2 Xmas trees, a couple of arrangements and some jewelry. The rest was spent cleaning, cooking and all the fun stuff that it takes to keep a household!

Mac started his second job yesterday, and finished his training today. Tomorrow he opens the store at 8am. So he will be working for the paper on graveyard, 7 nights a week, then working for this store from 8-4 6 days a week! He's going to be tired so I'm going to have to pitch in and start doing his paperwork for the newspaper. So you may not see me as much on here for a while. At least not at until I can learn to juggle it all! LOL!

I will post some pics of my new Holiday Designs for you to look at. I've also got to find room for making some Thanksgiving cookies and holiday bread. Then when Christmas comes, I have a ton of baking to do. I'm one of those that makes dozens and dozens of cookies, bars, breads and pies. I love making them, but it's a lot of work. Definitely worth it though. I make packages up for the neighbors, and then send some back to my family in Minnesota.

I'm getting hungry for cookies now that I've been talking about it!

I will check back with you tomorrow,
Until then,

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friday Night/Saturday Morning!

Well it's still the night for me, haven't went to bed yet and it's 2:30am. I haven't been online much today for I've been busy making things and running around to the stores.
Worked some more on some Xmas trees, while Mac ran my shipments to the post office. I will post some pics after I get done with the trees. I vacuumed, dusted, cleaned, dishes, and laundry.

Tonight I ran out to get supplies, like TP, laundry soap, all that stuff. Man it was unbelievable how much stuff we were out of! Mother Hubbard's Cupboards were bare!! LOL!
Then I had to go to the grocery store and stock up on meats, cheeses, bread etc. Mac was sleeping when I got home(he works grave) so then it took me like a half hour to hall it all in.
Well putting it away is the worst, unpacking everything, cutting up all the meat and dividing it for the freezer, aaagghhhh! But it's worth it in the end right?

I think I'm going to make cookies this weekend. Most likely oatmeal raisin. Then for Thanksgiving I'm going to do my famous sugar cookies in the shapes of turkeys, etc.

Well that's about it for today. I need to get some work done so I can go to bed before sunrise!
I will be back later tonight!
Until then,


Your Shop


Your Shop

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Start of The Graduating Sale Today!

Good evening to everyone, how are you all? I'm doing good here. Didn't get to bed until 8am this morning, so it's going to be a strange day. Or should I say night since I didn't get up until mid afternoon? LOL!
Well my sale started this morning, had a couple of sales already. Also -----> the little traditional Xmas tree to the right I just sold early this morning.
See..... I'm not the only one thinking about the holidays! LOL!

So I've been working on some more trees, and packaging up the one that sold. I've also made a few tiny ornaments to either list in the stores, or give away as extra gifts.... haven't decided.

Id you need any gifts for loved ones (or even for yourself haha) remember I'm having this big sale! Tell your friends for me okay? And as a special incentive to "SPREAD THE WORD" if you make a purchase during this sale, not only will you get the great discounts, but when you mention
★★★ Pre-Thanksgiving Sale in message to seller(required for discounts)also tell me that you read my blog and you will get a free gift as well! ★★★

I hope to see you at my shop, I need to get back to work now so I'll see you tomorrow!
Until then,

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's Hump Day Again!

How are you all tonight? Keeping warm in the cooler weather? It's getting time to do some more baking, like pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, banana bread, well you get the drift! Something warm and sweet just coming out of the oven is always so welcoming isn't it?

Well I've gotten some paperwork done today, and managed to list 4 items so far tonight, 3 on regular Etsy and 1 on Christmas Etsy(I'll be posting that pic when I'm done).
I worked some more on Xmas items, some have to be done in stages. The same with the jewelry, for that a lot of times has glue that has to set.

My Pre-Thanksgiving Sale starts at 12:01 tonight!

****SALE**** Starting on Thurs 11-12-09 through Sun 11-15-09 I am having a Pre-Thanksgiving Sale! It is a graduating discount sale:
Purchase 1 item and receive 15% off
2 items and receive 20% off
3 items and receive 25% off
4 items and receive 30% off
5 or more items and receive 40% OFF!
Discount will be on entire purchase. (Does not include shipping fees or shipping supplies ie-bags, boxes).

I'm going to get back to work now, get ready for the sale!
Until tomorrow,

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's been a GREAT Tuesday!

Hi everyone! Well it sure has been a great day today! It started off with me winning spot #6 for Timothy Adams Designs Top 10 Picks on Etsy! I got the "Twitter Challenge for posting the link so many times on Twitter. So I was ecstatic! I was so hoping to get featured so that I could get some exposure. I will post the pic of the Xmas wreath that he picked for the feature.

While I've been posting online, I had a sale on Etsy and on Ebay, and another potential order in my Etsy Xmas Shoppe!

Then Mac got a call from a gentleman he's been dogging for quite sometime to hire him at his store, and guess what? He got the job!!

Needless to say, I have not been very productive as far as listing today, with all these things going on, but yet it was still a good, or I mean Great day! We just got through eating dinner. I made a meatloaf with the tomato gravy, mashed potatoes and fresh carrots. It was delish!

I finished a wreath last night, which I will post as well. I have a few of these that I'm going to "do up". They are Vintage pinecone heart wreaths, and are very cool. Something different that I haven't seen anywhere either.

Well I really need to get to my listing tonight, and I want to thank all of you who read and or comment, I really do appreciate it!

My big sale starts on Thursday! So stay tuned tomorrow 11-12-09 for the details!

Until then,

Monday, November 9, 2009

Start of a New Week!

Hey kids, well it's Monday and it's time to start all over again! Sorry I didn't post yesterday. We went out to dinner and I had planned on writing when we got back at 9pm. Unfortunately, this blog, as well as Etsy is on Eastern time. So it would have been after midnight by the time I posted (their time). So I'll just make up for it today alrighty?

Didn't feel well the night before, but after taking pain meds and cold medicine I must have knocked it out before it had a chance to "explode"! I have been busy though trying to get some extra cleaning and what not done for fall, and or winter. It just finally started getting cold here. We have had the most glorious warm weather here, definitely an Indian Summer!

So do any of you decorate for fall? Do you do pumpkins for Halloween and earth tone leaves and fall florals for autumn and Thanksgiving?
Well the most I've done on that note was make a fall wreath for my front door! Lots of oranges and rust colors, fruits, flowers, ribbons and a pretty little feathered pheasant to finish it off! Turned out cute.

I've always been one to "do up" Christmas. Not quite as much as back in Minnesota when the kids and grand kids would be there, but I still do my share. Even though it's only the 2 of us.
I don't think I'm going to have time this year to put up my BIG tree! It is 9ft tall and over 4ft wide! It's a monster! I put over 1500 ornaments on it (and between you and me) it could even use more. It is definitely a work in progress around the holiday season. Takes me days to put it together and put the lights on. Then more days to decorate it!

I do have a small 6ft tree that I have on occasion put in our den, and a 3ft fiber optic tree that is just gorgeous. I just may have to put those, or one of those up this year and call it a day!

I will post my gigantic tree later for you to see, it's very pretty. All in clear lights with everything white and silver.

On the Work Front: I've been busy like an elf LOL creating Xmas items. I did post some in my Etsy Xmas shoppe as well as on Ebay. Made some more rings and got a few of them posted as well. Still have more to list.

Well friends, I hope you have a great night! I'm going to get busy now and get to work. Don't forget to send me your suggestions for the Xmas trees like I mentioned in my earlier posts!

Until tomorrow,

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hi all! Well my throat hurts, my nose is dripping and I'm running to the bathroom! Hmmmmmm what do you think that is? I feel like crap and I'm going to bed.
Hope you guys have a good night!
Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow
Until then,

Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Evening!

How are you tonight? I'm doing pretty well here. I'ts chilly outside again but at least we had a little sun today. I hate the time change(daylight savings)for I really like it here in the summers when it is still light out at 8pm! I will post you a picture of a really weird cloud formation again. It looks like there is a fire in the sky, but it's just the clouds at sunset!!

I finished my homemade vegetable beef soup today, and we ate it twice already. Sure warms you up, and it's good for you as well. Lot's of nutritional veggies in there!
I finished organizing in my studio, at least for this week LOL!

On the Work Front: I did all my emails, but not so much of twitter and facebook. Was doing a lot of creating here today. I got 2 items listed on Ebay today, and haven't gotten to Etsy yet. I finished the mini xmas tree I was working on last night and put that up on Ebay. I plan on doing a few other Xmas items for that site so that I have holiday items in both shops. My Ebay shop is

Well this is going to be a quick note, I still have a tremendous amount of work to get done before it is AM again! Have a great night!
Until tomorrow,

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baby it's cold outside!

Hey all! How's everyone doing tonight? It got very chilly here, no more 76 degrees, and the winds are blowing like crazy. I can see things blowing down the street, papers, garbage cans etc. My wind chimes are creating some new melodies out there! LOL!

Well I decided since it's cooling off it's time to start some soup. I like soup, Mac loves it and could most likely eat it everyday. I just put a beef roast in the slow cooker to make vegetable beef soup. I'll let it cook all night, then tomorrow cut it up and add all the veggies, nummm!
Nothing better than soup when you're chilled to the bone. Of course when we used to live in Minnesota, I would have thought that 60 degrees was warm, but not anymore. Now that I've been here I cannot take the least bit of cold weather!

Well on the Work Front: I got all my online stuff done early this morning, FB Twit, emails, then I began making rings and bracelets and also finishing up on the organizing of my jewelry parts from yesterday. I now have all my parts in tiny drawers on my desk so I can reach everything easily. Now at least as I run across items and such I have just the place to put them, all labeled and organized.
It sure makes a difference when you are working on items and you can put your hands on everything you need without searching!
I did manage to get a few things listed today and I have some ready for tomorrow.

So the holidays are coming soon. Too soon for some of you I'm sure, but it's my favorite time of year! I know Thanksgiving is first, and I really do like having a big turkey and all the fixings. And don't forget the homemade pumpkin pie right?
Since we have no family here, it will be just Mac and myself for the holidays. I've went back to Mn once for Xmas in the 5 years we've been here but that's it. Maybe eventually one of them can come down here! That would be nice. With my asthma in check here, I'm actually very leery of going back during the frigid cold anyway. That WAS a problem, trying to breath in the bitter cold.

We do have snow and cold weather here, but not the frigid kind. I still don't like it though!!

It's time to go and check my soup and watch a program I've been waiting for. I will say goodnight and leave you again with some celebrity trivia:

Celebrities born on this day: Art Garfunkel, Tatum O'Neal, Bryan Adams, Sam Shepard, Tilda Swinton, Roy Rogers, Peter Noone, Andrea McArdle, Elke Sommer

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Well it's "Hump Day"!

It's time to take a break again and sit down and visit with you! I hope you all had a wonderful day. The last time that I looked outside at the thermometer it was 76 degrees...whooohoooo! I made sure to open the sliding doors and let that fresh air in!
I even got to do some work in the garage again since it was so warm. Gizmo(my cat) was sunning herself right in front of the patio doors. Of course she was sleeping on our shoes, as she always does. This is a cat who acts like a dog. She follows me everywhere, from room to room. If I'm working here in my studio, she'll lay down by me and go to sleep, but the minute I get up, even if it's just for a drink-she'll follow me out, crazy cat!

So on the Home Front: Besides having Gizmo at my heels all day, I did manage to get a few things done. Vacuuming, sweeping, dishes, laundry, lunch and dinner. Just got through with dinner. Had leftovers of that rotisserie chicken from last night. Sure is good stuff!

On the Work Front: I've been answering emails all day, twittering and facebooking. I sold a Vintage angel tree topper in my Xmas shoppe, and some Vintage ribbon in my Ebay Store. Everything is all packed up, postage printed and ready to drop in the mailbox.
I listed a beautiful Antique Valentine from 1899 on Ebay today, 2 rings on Etsy and 1 set of Vintage popcorn bowls. So I managed to get my quota done for today. I'll be sure to post a couple of pics of these items.

Before I forget, I want to tell you about a new friend that I made, Debi! Her shop is located at:

Debi makes wonderful handbags, totes and lunch bags. In fact the lunch bags can be personalized and custom designed!! They are wonderful, you really need to check her out!

Well it's time to get back to work now, so I will leave you with some celebrity facts again:

Celebrities born on this day: Loretta Swit, Yanni, Pauline Trigere, Peter Boynton, Markie Post, Walter Cronkite, Art Carney, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, Ralph Macchio, Doris Roberts

Have a great night and I'll be back tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Time To Relax!

Well I'm finally taking a break, and I'm going to do some writing to you! I had a very busy day today starting at 8am.

On the Work Front: Made some jewelry, put up some shelves in my studio, rearranged things and got 1 item listed on Etsy(I have 1 more to list before the end of the night, and I'll post the one here. I replied to all my emails, convos, twitter and facebook friends, then it was on to help Mac with his job! Since he is computer illiterate, I have to put all the numbers in online for him so the company will give him what he needs to deliver. I also did some sketching of ideas for some new Christmas trees and arrangements.

It was in the 70's again today so I went out to the garage and sorted through some boxes of "goodies". When I find something to list I have to bring it in, clean it up, research it if I need to, then figure out the price, packaging etc! The hardest part is trying to fit "just one more thing" into this studio! LOL!

On the Home Front: I made homemade stuffing, gravy, and stuffed a nice big chicken and put it in the rotisserie for a couple of hours. It turns out soooooo nummy in there, getting nice and crispy on all sides. Served it with mashed potatoes and peas(my favorite).
So after eating, cleaning up, washing dishes and putting it all away, I'm BEAT! I hope you all had a good day and are going to have a nice night! I'm going to slowly inch my way back into work again, while some good shows are coming on tv!

I will leave you with some celebrity trivia:
Celebrities born on this day:
Roseanne, Lulu, Larry Holmes, Ken Berry, Charles Bronson, Adam Ant, Michael Dukakis, Dennis Miller, Dolph Lundgren, Kate Capshaw

See you all tomorrow!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Mighty Monday!

Hi everyone! Well it's the start of a new week! I don't know about you but mine is going to be pretty full!

On the home front: I got up early today since I fell asleep at midnight(very early for me) so I've been getting quite a bit done. I even fit in a nap since I'm a novice at this early bird thing, LOL! Managed to do a little more painting in the kitchen, putting on new handles, cleaning the floor, well the average housework. I get so hungry though when I get up early that I ended up making a great big breakfast for us, scramble eggs, fried potatoes with onions, green pepper and garlic, and sausage patties!
It's 6pm and we're still not hungry!

On the work front: I got quite a bit accomplished today. I listed several items on Etsy, made some more jewelry, answered all my emails and convos, did facebook and twitter! And I still have the rest of the night to go! So have any of you thought about my "idea quest" for the tiny Xmas trees? In case you haven't read it previously, I'm looking for some ideas to do some themed trees. Like for instance, a Disney tree with all disney characters, a butterfly tree with all pastel butterflies etc. I've already done santa trees, snowmen trees, victorian/shabby chic trees plus the old fashioned traditional trees.
Just looking for some new idea that I can either create with, or blend with my own ideas to come up with something new and fresh!

I'll be sure to post a couple of my new items tonight.
Well it's back to work now,
I will see you tomorrow

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Night

Good evening all! I hope your day went well. We had wonderful weather again, in the mid 70's! It sure is nice getting this "Indian summer".

On the Home front: I managed to get some laundry done, and then on to some painting. As some of you may remember, I was painting my living room, dining room and hallway a month ago.
My home has an open concept to it so all the rooms blend together including the kitchen. It is only divided by an island and a couple overhead cabinets.

So today I started the kitchen part of the phase. I'm continuing the sage green in to the kitchen, and painting all the cabinets cream color. I'm also replacing the hardware with pretty satin finish nickel hardware. Even partway done, it looks great!
I cooked one of Mac's favorites tonight, mock chow mein. You know the type, hamburger, celery, onions, rice and cream of mushroom soup baked in the oven. It was soooo good!

On the Work front: I created several new pieces of jewelry last night and am in the process of getting them all listed. I made 2 rings, 2 necklaces and 3 bracelets.
I have a couple of Christmas trees in the "soon to be finished" stage, as I just need a few more items to make them complete.

Speaking of Christmas items, I will be having a sale in my Christmas store very soon! I'll be sure to post it here prior to the start of it. This will be the very first sale in that store. I have had several in my regular store: Cutethings6/Etsy but not in the Cutethings6xmas/Etsy Shoppe.
So stay tuned for the upcoming sale! I will be adding more items before and during the sale.

Well it's on to the listings again,
Have a great night, until tomorrow...

Bridal Ring!

Bridal Ring!
Cha Cha Cha!

Bridal Rings

Bridal Rings
Here's the regular AND the baby one!

Blooming Brooch

Blooming Brooch

Better In Blue

Better In Blue
Silver Filigree & Blue Thermoset Ribbon Necklace

Fun With Layers

Fun With Layers
Multi Color Thermoset Ring

Crystal Clear Ice

Crystal Clear Ice
Clear Acrylic Chunk Fashion Ring

April Blossom

April Blossom
Pink & Green Moonglow Thermoset Ring

Hot Pink Wonder

Hot Pink Wonder
Pink Thermoset & Silver Filigree Fashion Ring

Orchid Bloom

Orchid Bloom
Pink & Orchid Cluster Cocktail Ring