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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Long Time Coming!

Well folks, I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get back on here to post. It's been rather depressing around here, and not really a lot to say.
My husband lost his job right at my last post, and it has been quite the struggle! I even started a "MY HUSBAND LOST HIS JOB SALE" in my Etsy Shoppe hoping that would drum up some business!
Well I've had one custom order, that I'm still looking for the components to put it together(hopefully I can) and one purchase using the SALE!
The sale ends tomorrow.

I just got through trying to make up a resume for Mac, then I have to cut his hair tonight. He is on lists and calls in to these agencies every morning, but to no avail as of yet.

I have still been plugging away trying to make more things, but if they are NOT selling, than is there really a point?
Well I just had to vent to you all, hope you don't mind?

But if things don't pick up soon, I will be forced to close down Cutethings6 and go to work for someone else!

On a lighter note, I'm leaving for Las Vegas this weekend for 4 days. This is my annual Christmas present, bought and paid for by my daughter and son in law!
Perhaps it will cheer me up!

I'll try to be back sooner this time,
Take care and have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Contest Winner!

And the WINNER Was........(drum roll please)...... Debby Polis Carter! Debby entered off of my facebook fanpage at:

Congratulations to Debby! She's already been shopping to use her $20.00 gift certificate.
Just want to say "thank you" to everyone who entered, who posted here, facebook and etsy!
The MORE people I can get to enter, the MORE contests I will have!! Sound good??

The next one I'm going to start shortly, is a sort of search game. I will be giving a couple key words to an item in the shoppe-it will most likely be included in the title.For instance, I say the word "RED" and you find this listing "Rose Bouquet-Red and silver flowered fashion ring" You post that title, and if that is the correct listing, you WIN that item! **First person with correct title wins**
So what do ya think?

Well I may have told you about the Bridal order I've been working on. 11 Rings for the bridesmaids, jr bridesmaid and flower girl. They are in the "Cha Cha" design and were all made to match each other and earrings! Gorgeous colors of smokey bronze, topaz and champagne on silver plated bases. I hope they are a big hit! Took some major concentration to get them all the same. The tiny one is for a 3yr old flower girl, soooooo cute. I would love to get pictures of them all in their matching jewelry, wouldn't that be fun? I'm posting pictures of my finished products.

Well I have another Bridal order of 6 rings this time. I better get busy. This order is also for the "Cha Cha" rings, but all in black, white and clear! Should be cool!

Talk to you soon, and thank you everyone for being fans and customers! You truly make it all worthwhile!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Good morning and Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful moms out there! I hope you have a wonderful day today!

In honor of ♥♥MOTHER'S DAY♥♥ Cutethings6 is having a giveaway for a $20.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE to be used for anything in my shoppe. I will be drawing the winning name from the entries on Facebook, Etsy, and my Blog.

If you would like to enter, please just reply to this post with "Enter Me" and your name!
You can enter up to 3 entries, 1 here, 1 convo on Etsy, or 1 post on my facebook fanpage.
Drawing will be held on Wednesday May 12th @ 3:00pm PST.
Good luck to everyone, and if you have any questions, just send me a message!

Facebook Fanpage:
Cutethings6 Shoppe:

If you have trouble signing on here in order to post your entry, just email me at home with your "Enter Me" your name, and email address and I will put you in that way.
My home email:

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Night!

Well how has every one's week been going? Getting a lot done? Getting ready for Mother's Day?
Well we certainly need to be thankful for the Mothers that we have, had, or just knew by acquaintance. They truly are special! They teach us pretty much everything we know growing up, and we keep it with us forever.
I hope that you can spend some time with YOUR Mother this weekend!
I'm so proud to be a Mother, aren't you?

On the work front: I am having a sale in my Etsy shoppe starting today! 25% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER! Sale ends at Midnight PST on Mother's Day!

Also, if you happen to be around, I'm also going to announce a Contest starting on Mother's Day (you'll have to check back in order to get the scoop)!! I will be taking entries to win a $20.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE good for anything in my shoppe.
**See my Etsy shoppe on Mother's Day for details**
or my facebook page at:

I also would like to show you my latest creation using the moonglow thermoset. I have up-cycled a Vintage gold tone brooch, then layered it with soft pink and forest green pieces. Very unique!

Well I'm off to do some more listings! Please be sure to check out the sale and the contest giveaway! The links are above!
Have a great weekend all,
And Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Well it's the end of the week, and the end of my B2G1 free sale! Had a few people that took my up on the sale, so that was great! This was the first time that I did this kind of sale.. I usually have percent discounts for sales, and this time decided to try it.
Now for my next contest, I am going to be giving away a gift certificate for the prize! I just hope that I get more entries this time around.
I think there were about a dozen on the last giveaway. So PLEASE come on over and enter! It's always more fun when there are more people involved!

Well we are still having nice weather(shhhhh, I shouldn't say it too loud)! I mean it IS May, but considering we had snow last week you just never know around here.
I've worked on a few more designs with the "Moonglow Thermoset", rings that is. My next attempt will be some sort of altered type pendant/necklace. Now that will be fun to do!
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE making my rings, but sometimes I just need to switch it up a bit and try my hand at something new-different-and exciting!!

I'll be sure to post the latest rings here, and also I've designed some necklaces and bracelets I would like you to see. And please give me your HONEST opinion, I would love to hear them.

Not much else is new here, so I will be heading back to work. It's getting close to midnight here so I better get busy!

Take care friends,

Bridal Ring!

Bridal Ring!
Cha Cha Cha!

Bridal Rings

Bridal Rings
Here's the regular AND the baby one!

Blooming Brooch

Blooming Brooch

Better In Blue

Better In Blue
Silver Filigree & Blue Thermoset Ribbon Necklace

Fun With Layers

Fun With Layers
Multi Color Thermoset Ring

Crystal Clear Ice

Crystal Clear Ice
Clear Acrylic Chunk Fashion Ring

April Blossom

April Blossom
Pink & Green Moonglow Thermoset Ring

Hot Pink Wonder

Hot Pink Wonder
Pink Thermoset & Silver Filigree Fashion Ring

Orchid Bloom

Orchid Bloom
Pink & Orchid Cluster Cocktail Ring